Dragon Egg Giant Bath Bombs

dragon egg bath bombs. Giant, huge, mega sized bath bombs for Game of Thrones lovers #GOT yummy bubbles UK

Become your own mother of dragons in a bath of nurturing, fizzing goodness with our new (and already a huge hit) dragon egg bath bombs!

These mega huge babies are weighing in at a massive 250g each and come in four divine fragrances, all very grown up, unlike me sat in my bath full of fizzing bath bomb pretending to be the mother of dragons - well at least I do have very long hair like the Khaleesi haha.

We have four varieties so one more than Daenerys's dragons, the red and black, the green and yellow, the umber and pale yellow and one more in shades of aqua and blue, perhaps foreshadowing the much debated ice dragon?

Yummy Bubbles Dragon Eggs - helping me nurse my Game of Thrones addiction until the new season starts this July! What colour will you choose?

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